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Apple Jelly and Chilli Jelly
We have a bumper crop of crab apples this year. I made crab apple jelly, but enough of the strained[...]
Aubergines an Indian way, Baigan achari
This recipe comes from Madhur Jaffrey. It was given to her by the master chef of the Lake Palace Hotel[...]
Baked celeriac with smoked salmon and caper salsa
One of my New Year's resolutions is to go through various piles of recipes taken from magazines and newspapers planning[...]
Banana Bread
A busy weekend. We have Li-Yun staying with us for her last break before' A' levels begin. Lots to play[...]
Bean and Mint Salad
Earlier this week, I went to see Rick Stein give a cookery demonstration organised by Toppings,  the bookshop in Bath to[...]
Beetroot Bourguignon
Feeling cold and wintry and trying hard to get the onion sets planted before the end of the week. The[...]
Bergen Fish Soup (Bergensk Fiskesuppe)
An exciting Christmas for us this year, spending two days in Bergen and then heading north on a Hurtigruten cruise[...]
Blue Lake Beans with Tomatoes
The beans are in good supply and this is my favourite way of serving Blue Lake beans. It is a[...]
Bolognese sauce
Sorting out bits of paper to send to my accountant before the end of January, I am finding much more[...]
Butter bean mash
Rain drove me in from the allotment and I decided to clean the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard. Found[...]
Cacio e Pepe
Pasta has been much in the news. Good on Mary Berry if she adds white wine and cream to her[...]
Cannellini Beans with Garlic, Sage and Oil
As Anna Del Conte notes in Amaretto, Apple Cake and Artichokes, the herb of northern Italy is sage, ’the flavour[...]
Caribbean Cake with Orange Mascarpone Icing
Collette and Les are having an opening party for their allotment plot. We begin to believe it is an allotment plot but[...]
Carrot salad with yoghurt, cinamon and herbs
An Ottolenghi recipe and a good way to add crunch to a summer meal. I have been using a lot[...]
Cauliflower, pomegranate and pistachio salad
This recipe came from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Saturday column in The Guardian and could qualify as my ‘Dish of the Year’.[...]
Celery braised with onion and tomato
This dish is as good cold as it is warm. Serve by itself as a starter or as a vegetable[...]
Cheltenham Apple and Sultana Cake
I gave my friend Penny a copy of The Allotment Kitchen. She was immediately disappointed that my 'default' Cheltenham cake[...]
Courgette and Tomato Bake
There are three words I try to avoid in recipes, 'bake' (as a noun) and 'drizzle' (as a verb) and[...]
Courgette Flower Tempura
My daughter-in-law Sam is having fun with allotment produce. Strawberry jam sounds good ! And now the courgettes are growing[...]
Damson Chutney
Picking the damsons was the easy part. I found as many as I needed along the hedge as I walked[...]
Devilled kidneys
A special treat for a Friday evening to celebrate the delivery of lamb from Mr Roberts, the butcher in Bala. His[...]
Dried apples
All the Cox's apples have fallen off the tree. Many can be saved and are perfect for making dried apple[...]
Elderflower Cordial
The weather was breaking and I just had time on Friday evening to pick perfect sprays of elderflowers before the[...]
Endive with blue cheese and pickled walnuts
Pickled walnuts are a special treat around the family with cold turkey on Boxing Day but this easy starter is[...]
Fig Tart
Here is a pudding I haven't made but really want to make and know it will be delicious. We shall[...]
Flattened chicken with Swiss Chard Gratin
My school friend Voirrey, with whom I spent every day of my school life, and her daughter, Angie (my god-daughter),[...]
The transformation of paprika into this vital element of Hungarian cuisine is a curious and fascinating story. Like the meeting[...]
Greek chicken and pepper pie
Peppers are plentiful in the supermarkets at the moment and I am preferring this pie to richer versions using mushrooms[...]
Indian omelette (Ande ki Bhurji)
A cooking course last Saturday at the Bertinet Kitchen with Monisha Bharadwaj has given me lots of new ideas and[...]
Indian Spinach with Dill
Dill transforms the taste of spinach. They can be cooked together melted in butter but better still when spices are[...]
Jansson’s Temptation
My old friend Carin from Stockholm was staying and kindly brought with her tins of Abba anchovies - perfect for[...]
Kabul Pilau
I could have been making pilau (or pulao, palao) in a kitchen or even a tent or yurt anywhere from[...]
Lemon Drizzle Cake
This is one of my two default cakes (the other is the Cheltenham Apple Cake). If, like Nigel Slater, I[...]
Lemon Tart
There must be something in the air, Suddenly lemon tarts and puddings are the rage. Two delicious sounding recipes by[...]
Lime and Honeyed Poussins
'Fast and French' is the heading for the article that contained this recipe. It was Kathy Montogomery's contribution to the[...]
It's the French group this evening and the topic for discussion is food. With reference to Proust's unforgettable experience, I[...]
Lamb with aubergines is one of my favourite things and moussaka my perfect comfort food. It is a dish I[...]
Mr Guiness’s Cake
A newspaper cutting, 'How to make Mr. Guinness's cake' was the first entry in what had once been my recipe[...]
Mujaddara (or mejadra) is a staple of the Middle East. The word comes from the Arabic for ‘pockmarked’. It is[...]
Nettle soup
Troika Steppes, our thoroughbred horse, has come back to Burcott for his summer holidays and will have a rest from[...]
Onion Bhajias
I am so glad I bought a copy of Monisha Bharadwaj’s latest book, The Indian Cookery Course - a truly[...]
I like pancakes stuffed with puréed apple and thick purées of plums with fromage frais. 300ml full fat milk 125g[...]
Plum cake
I was going to have made The Summer Fruit and Almond Cake for my aunt's 100th birthday tomorrow but the[...]
Pumpkin Tart
Pumpkin Tart (Tourte de Citrouille) - a new take on pumpkin pie and a curious find in Elizabeth David’s French[...]
Pumpkin, roast pepper and tomato soup
We had invited some neighbours for lunch, forgetting that it would be Thanksgiving. Never too late to make a gesture.[...]
Queen of Puddings
The first wintery weekend of November and we have finished planting bulbs for spring. Hurrah for Mr Scamp! Every year[...]
Quince Cheese
This recipe was sent in by Heather Grant who prefers her method of making quince cheese to mine.A chance gift[...]
Ratatouille Niçoise
I love ratatouille, especially with scrambled eggs for a quick supper or cold as ‘a delicious beginning to a summer[...]
Recipe of the Day 10th July – Hummus
Hunting through my store cupboard, I came across chickpeas near their best before date. In homage to Greece, I had[...]
Recipe of the Day 9th July – Beetroot, apple and dill salad
Inspiration for this salad came from Natalia Conroy’s book, The Kitchen Orchard. Refreshing and tangy, it was excellent yesterday, served[...]
Recipe of the week w/c 6th July – Artichokes, Peas and Broad Beans
Artichokes, Peas and Broad Beans Artichokes, peas and broad beans are a true taste of summer. This is our dish of[...]
Red Cabbage and Pears
Getting ready for a week of Christmas parties and celebrations. The main feast is for the family next weekend. Red[...]
Redcurrant Jelly and Todays’ pudding Redcurrant
Enough redcurrants remained to make a second batch of redcurrant jelly. As these were riper than the ones I had[...]
Rhubarb Frangipane Tart
We are now in full rhubarb season . I'm very pleased with this recipe in which the rhubarb is lightly[...]
Roasted vegetable salad
It's years since I made a roasted vegetable salad but our courgettes are now coming along thick and fast and[...]
Runner bean chutney
Runner beans are brilliant this year.  This chutney is the perfect solution for how to process them. -Susan
Scallops with Chorizo
The Hebridean Smokehouse ( supplied us so well with delicacies for Christmas that we had a repeat order for Easter. Their[...]
Shepherd’s Pie
It was a great surprise to receive an email from a German student who had stayed with us over six[...]
Sloe Gin
I had a look to see where I could find sloes and it could be a good year. I have[...]
Spanish omelette
William looked crestfallen when I said we were having a Spanish omelette for supper. ‘Only one onion and no ham?’[...]
Spicy Aubergine
I'm really excited about this recipe. Inspiration came from Emma Grazette and Stevie Parle's book on spices. As they happened to[...]
Spicy Fish and Tomato Pie
New Year's Eve supper with our friends Penny and Peter had to be cancelled. Instead we had an Epiphany Lunch.[...]
Spicy Rhubarb
Is the shortage of ground cinnamon universal or just local to Bath? Waitrose have had none for weeks and a[...]
Summer fruit and almond cake
Spent a rainy day sitting on the floor of my office looking through the mound of recipes torn from magazines[...]
Summer Pudding
The first summer pudding is made and ready for supper this evening. I have just picked a final bucket full of[...]
Today’s Pud! Red Currant, White Currant and Cherry Fool
Bärbl is coming for supper and this is the pudding of the moment!  White and red currants are ready and the English[...]
Tomato Keftedes
In 1967, I was on the Exeter University coach on the Comex trip to India. We were a motley group.[...]
Tomatoes with sumac, shallots and pine nuts
Inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi, this recipe is for my favourite salad of the late summer and the best way I[...]
Trout with Dill
This recipe is based on one in Mark Hix's British Seasonal Food. He uses fennel tops in place of dill.[...]
Trout with Salsa Verde
This recipe is for Simon fishing at Bredwardine on the river Wye in Herefordshire. "A wonderfully strong, clean, meandering river,[...]
Veal Cutlets with Wine and Sage
There is a photograph on the cover of Simon Hopkinson’s book, Week in Week out, that never fails to make[...]
Venison en Casserole
The weather has changed and it is time for a winter dish. On Saturday, I had gone to Bath Farmers’[...]
We haven't had waffles for some time but they are the perfect pudding for a cold evening when family visit.[...]
Whole Cauliflower with Muhammara
This week (January 2018) there has been outrage that M & S should be charging £2.50 for a slice of[...]